I have been very fortunate to visit Christmas Island twice, once in the dry season and once in the wet season to experience the incredible Red Crab migration with a group of enthusiastic travellers I hosted. I describe Christmas Island as a movie scene from Jurassic Park, 75% of the island is covered in beautiful lush jungle with over 150 million crabs of over 90 species and, the most majestic species of birds flying above making all sorts of noises. Christmas Island’s coast is mostly jagged cliffs dotted with the Booby birds and beautiful beaches where you feel so isolated and relaxed.

The first time I visited Christmas Island was in the dry season…..it rained every day which wasn’t so bad as the red crabs came out from everywhere to cover roads, backyards and the jungle floor, this is what I imagined the famous red crab migration would be like, it truly was an incredible sight as the crabs come out when it rains. When I visited in the wet season to experience the red crab migration, it did not rain one drop the whole week which meant the crabs were confused on when to migrate as it wasn’t raining, however, on the last night at 3am the red crabs migrated to the ocean and dropped their eggs, it was an unbelievable sight and something I will never, very forget and will definitely experience again.

I snorkelled Flying Fish Cove most days in both times I have visited the island, a few steps into the water and there is beautiful coloured fish and the further you swim out they just get bigger, more colourful and better. Snorkel to the drop-off where you cannot see the bottom and only the beautiful deep blue of the ocean.

A short boat trip off the coast and we came across a school of Giant Trevally feeding near a cave, we jumped into the water and snorkelled amongst these beautiful gentle beasts of fish. Not long after we entered the water 8 Spinner Dolphins came from nowhere to investigate us and was an incredible moment with 2 dolphins swimming around and under us for 15 minutes.

If you are lucky enough, you can snorkel and dive with the majestic Whale Sharks which can be quite plentiful.

There is so much to do on Christmas Island, it really is a paradise of Australia.

Apart from snorkelling, diving, bird watching, playing golf, jungle walks, blowholes and experiencing the most delicious food, the island boasts a healthy multicultural Australian community of Malay, Chinese and white Australians which makes the island a hot pot of incredible food and festivals all year round. Chinese temples and shrines, Malay, Chinese and Arabic cemeteries, and the South Point Temple which hosts festivals with a beautiful sunset view, the island offers an amazing insight into its historic culture.

Christmas Island is often referred to as the “Galapagos of the Indian Ocean”.

A piece of my heart has been left on Christmas Island; it truly is an incredible destination with some of the friendliest people you will find anywhere in the world.