The required deposits payable can vary for each cruise line, tour operator and airline, please ensure the correct deposit as confirmed by your consultant is paid when booking to guarantee your reservation.

Final Payments

Full payment for all travel arrangements is due at least 60 days prior to your departure date from Australia, sometimes sooner depending on the cruise line, tour operator and airline or package that you have booked. On occasions cruise lines and wholesalers will give notice that they intend to withdraw a deal and it is quite normal that this notice is only a matter of days and could be months prior to your departure. When this happens, we will endeavour to inform all clients immediately for final payments. If you are not able to pay the balance of your booking within a new declared due date you will be re-invoiced for the new price. The price of any travel related service is never guaranteed until the final balance has been paid and the documents have been issued. We cannot take responsibility for any price increase that may be notified, at any time, by the travel provider.

Credit Card Payments

Payments made over the phone or in person incur the below charges:

  • Mastercard 1.20%
  • Visa           1.40%
  • AMEX           1.80%
  • Diners           2.50%
  • International  3.00%

Other Payment Options

You can pay by direct deposit; however, you must email a copy of the payment receipt to your consultant at time of making the payment. Failing to do this may result in your booking cancelling. Our Bank Details are: 

Name of Account: Mike Drew Travel + Cruise – Client Trust Account
Bendigo Bank: BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 173 002 593

Cash and cheque payments are accepted.

Amendments and Cancellation Fees

We reserve the right to charge a minimum amendment fee of AUD $55 per person for each change to a confirmed booking. This is in addition to any fees charged by the supplier and airline.

We also reserve the right to charge cancellation fees of a minimum of AUD $100 per person to cover administration expenses. The cancellation fee can be as high as the entire purchase price (100%) of the booking. The cancellation fee charged by 

Mike Drew Travel + Cruise can increase in relation to the manpower and time spent on processing the cancellation. The calculation of the cancellation fee charged may be provided upon request.

The cancellation fees charged by Mike Drew Travel + Cruise are in addition to any fees charged by cruise lines, airlines, tour operators, hotels, wholesalers, or any other supplier. The fees charged by these suppliers can be up to 100% of the cost of the product purchased. The cancellation fees charged by these suppliers can be found on their respective websites and/or in their brochures.

Some products available are instant purchase/non-refundable, requiring full 

non-refundable payment at the time of booking.

In view of these cancellation fees it is highly recommended that all clients take out comprehensive travel insurance at the time of booking to cover any eventualities. Mike Drew Travel + Cruise will not take any responsibility for anyone who does not take out comprehensive insurance.

Refunds of monies can take up to 12 weeks depending on the cruise line, tour operator and airline or other suppliers. This time frame may be extended in extreme circumstances such as a pandemic.

Validity of Prices

Prices on the website, quotes in writing, given over the phone or in person are subject to availability and conditions and are correct at time of quoting. 

Although every care has been taken, the prices are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice due to availability or a deal ending at any notice by a supplier and airline. Any featured prices for a cruise, tour, accommodation, package, and any other travel service will normally be based on a minimum of two adults sharing, unless otherwise indicated.

Featured prices may be subject to port and airport taxes, plus government charges. Please ensure you are aware if such charges are included in your holiday. 

Please also check if gratuities are included in your cruise/tour price.

Fly Cruise Prices

Please note that on certain featured dates, the flight availability may not synchronise with the departure of the cruise ship. This may result in pre or post cruise accommodation having to be purchased in addition to the featured fly/cruise price. Please contact our sales team for further information.


Most cruise lines include meals, some include gratuities and even alcoholic beverages. These inclusions vary for each cruise line so please ensure you are aware of what your cruise price includes when booking.


A phone call or email will be given when documents are ready approximately 2-3 weeks prior to departure. When electronic documents are not available a full documentation pack will be available for collection or posted to your supplied address approximately 2-3 weeks prior to departure. Documentation packs will be supplied for all our exclusive fly/cruise/stay packages.


Except to the extent that the law imposes a non-excludable liability:

  1. a) All bookings for products on the website are subject to the conditions of carriage and other conditions imposed by suppliers and subcontractors to Travellers should be aware that there is no relationship or joint venture, agency, partnership, or employment between Mike Drew Travel + Cruise and any suppliers or subcontractors named on the site.
  2. b) Mike Drew Travel + Cruise does not guarantee or warrant the standard, class, or fitness for purpose of any product or service mentioned.

In compiling the website, we have used information supplied to it by the operators of the relevant services. We endeavoured to ensure that the information contained on the website is correct but clients should not rely, and are not invited to rely on the accuracy or validity of any information on the web site as the basis for any action, refraining from acting or disbursement and Mike Drew Travel + Cruise expressly disclaims any liability for any loss or damage incurred by clients arising out of any such acts or omission or disbursements. Mike Drew Travel + Cruise disclaims and will be exempt from any liability under the law of contract, tort or by virtue of statutory enactment in relation to any:

  1. loss to
  2. personal injury death or illness of
  3. damage or theft of personal property of any sort of
  4. expense of inconvenience caused through delay to
  5. disappointed expectation of
  6. accident befalling

the traveller or any dependents, arising out of any negligent act or omission, breach of any duty imposed by statute, breach of any law of the place of destination or on route to or from the destination, tort (whether intentional or unintentional), or breach of a contractual term, whether expressed or implied or breach of duty arising under or imposed by any law on the part of Mike Drew Travel + Cruise, its servants or agents or of any sub-contractor or supplier of any product or service on the Website.

Choice of Law

You agree with Mike Drew Travel + Cruise that in so far as any contractual relationship is created between you and Mike Drew Travel + Cruise by you making a booking through Mike Drew Travel + Cruise then that contract is subject to the laws of Western Australia.


You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Western Australia for the determination of any dispute and the making of any claim against Mike Drew Travel + Cruise and acknowledge and agree that a court having jurisdiction in respect of the dispute or claim is the appropriate court.

Departure Times and Flight Numbers

Most airlines state that there is no need to re-confirm your departure times and flight numbers. Mike Drew Travel + Cruise will not take responsibility for any flight time or flight number alteration made by airlines. Mike Drew Travel + Cruise strongly advise that all onward and return flights should be re-confirmed by phone with the relevant airline at least 72 hours prior to flight departure.

Frequent Flyers

If you are a member of an airline’s frequent flyer scheme, please ensure that you inform Mike Drew Travel + Cruise of your membership number prior to your departure. We also recommend that you also retain all copies of airline tickets and boarding passes as proof of travel. These may be required by the airline should you not automatically receive points. Please be aware some fares do not accrue points, please check with your consultant at the time of booking.

Passports & Visas

Please ensure that your Australian passport is current with the validity for at least six months from your date of return to Australia. Non-Australian passport holders will require a valid re-entry visa. Other visas may be required for the countries you plan to visit. It is your responsibility to ensure you obtain the correct visas.